New Holland PowerStar™ Series – Tier 4B Tractors & Telehandlers Model T4.75 for sale at Alanson, Williamsburg, Hillman, Michigan. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alanson, Williamsburg, and Hillman, MI.

Model T4.75

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New Holland PowerStar™ tractors are for today's work using tomorrow's technology.

As a farmer, you want to spend more time working and less time maintaining your tractor, so PowerStar™ series tractors have been designed to be ready whenever you are. The long, 600-hour service intervals, impressive fuel economy, and simple daily checks thanks to the one-piece flip-up hood make maintaining your PowerStar simple.
THE UPGRADED POWERSTAR™ TRACTOR:XL COMFORT, XS OPERATING COSTS The upgraded PowerStar™ tractor has been designed to take farming to a whole new level with extra large comfort and extra small operating costs. With 50 or 65 PTO horsepower on tap, even the most demanding users can sit back and relax. Fully compliant with the even more stringent Tier 4B emissions regulations, the new PowerStar tractor saves fuel and improves performance with efficient Common Rail engines. With responsive performance, big comfort, and reduced operating costs, the PowerStar is ready to be a key member of your farming family.


The new PowerStar now has more power than ever, boasting a 207 cubic-inch, 3.4 liter engine producing 50 or 65 PTO horsepower. Coupled with four-cylinders and turbo charged, these diesel engines rise to the challenging conditions with smooth lugging power. You get the power you need for field PTO work, tough roadside mowing or heavy loader work.

PM Catalyst, Efficient Emissions Technology
The PowerStar meets Tier 4B emissions Regulations by using advanced PM (Particulate Matter) Catalyst technology. This is a simple, flow through particulate filter that captures soot, contained in exhaust gas, and passes it through the PM Catalyst and, when it touches the walls, it is burned off. The end results is the filter does not block due to the high flow of exhaust gases and will not require the regular regeneration that occurs with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

Common Rail. Common Sense.
More responsive tractors. Lower fuel bills. This is the result of Common Rail technology that delivers less engine noise and precise fueling for optimal response and has reduced fuel consumption by up to 13% over our previous PowerStar models.

In addition to meeting Tier 4B emissions standards, PowerStar engines allow you to use plain diesel, 7% biodiesel or 20% biodiesel*. You’ll benefit from fuel flexibility while you help create cleaner air from fewer emissions and reduce imports of foreign oil.
*Must meet ASTM 6751 Standards and reduces service interval to 300 hours


New Holland offers a wide selection of transmission choices, so you can equip your PowerStar tractor to suit your operation.
• 8 x 8 Synchro shuttle transmission gives you two ranges with four synchronized gears in each range.
• 12 x 12 Synchro shuttle transmission provides three ranges with four synchronized gears in each range
• Regardless of transmission choice a left-handed shuttle is included.
* Not available on T4.65

New Holland has created a simple, effective, affordable alternative to achieve easy, clutch-free shifting between forward and reverse. The hydraulic power shuttle option is ideal for jobs with frequent direction changes, like loader and blade work. With the shuttle lever is located to the left of the steering wheel, shuttling is effortless and there’s no need to remove your left hand from the steering wheel. When you choose the hydraulic shuttle option, you also get the benefit of a wet PTO clutch for extended life.

Choose an optional creeper range, on Power Shuttle transmission choices, for additional working gears with speeds below 1 mph.


Save time between jobs with a 24.9-mph (40-kph) top travel speed. It’s optional on models equipped with FWD axle. (Speeds will vary with tire selection)

Engine T4.75
Type 4-cylinder diesel
Make / Model FPT/F5C
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement, cu. in. (L) 207 (3.4)
Rated Speed (RPM) 2,300
Gross engine HP 74
PTO horsepower 65
Emission legislation US EPA Tier 4B
Cold Start Grid Heater
Standard 8x8 mechanical shuttle
Option 1 8x8 hydraulic shuttle
Option 2 12x12 mechanical shuttle
Option 3 12x12 hydraulic shuttle
Creeper Range Available with 12x12 and 20x20 power shuttle
Type Fully independent
Base equipment PTO speed 540 @ 1,958 engine RPM
Optional PTO speed (540E) 540 @ 1,592 engine RPM
3-Point Hitch  
Category II/I
Draft Sensing Top link
ASAE lift capacity @ 24" lbs. (kg) 3,664 (1662)
Link arms Flexible
Stabilizers Telescopic
System type Open center
Mechanical Shuttle Transmission: Implement pump flow GPM (l/min) 12.5 (47.5)
Mechanical Shuttle Transmission: Steering & services pump flow GPM (l/min) 7.3 (27.5)
Power Shuttle Transmission: Implement pump flow GPM (l/ min) 12.5 (47.5)
Power Shuttle Transmission: Steering & services pump flow, GPM (l/ min) 9.5 (36)
Remotes Up to 3
Wheelbase (2WD) in. (mm) 85.8 (2180)
Wheelbase (4WD), in. (mm) 83.9 (2132)
Overall length in. (mm) 151 (3836)
ROPS height (folded) in. (mm) 76 to 78.9 (1931 to 2006)
Cab height in. (mm) 94.8 to 97.8 (2409 to 2484)
ROPS (2wd) lbs. (kg) 5,027 (2280)
ROPS (4wd) lbs. (kg) 5,952 (2700)
Cab (2wd) lbs. (kg) 5,622 (2550)
Cab (4wd) lbs. (kg) 6,239 (2830)