Land Pride ZT3 Series Zero Turn Mowers Zero Turn Mowers Model ZT372 for sale at Alanson, Williamsburg, Hillman, Michigan. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alanson, Williamsburg, and Hillman, MI.

Model ZT372

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The new ZT3 Series is one smooth machine! No matter what your chore; around the farm, the local sports field, or your commercial business, you won’t find a smoother ride in a Zero Turn mower. Climb into our seat to see and feel the ergonomics wrap around you while you go about your business. Your line of sight, low center of gravity, legroom, and arm extensions are all just right.

The ZT3's 60" deck meets the needs of customers who need to mow in tighter areas around obstacles or want to maintain a lower cutting height over undulating terrain. The more productive 72" ZT3 Zero Turn will meet the needs of customers with mostly level, open areas who just want to get the mowing job done faster.

Customers living in areas with hills or warmer and wetter climates will typically want to employ the floating axle capability for enhanced traction and a smoother ride. Twin-lever hydrostatic steering will enable the mowers to turn within their overall length. Couple this outstanding maneuverability with a 12 mph mowing speed and low center of gravity and you’ve got a mower that’s fast, safe, comfortable, and easy to transport.
Cutting width of 60" or 72 Sized right and priced right for ranch, estate owners, and commercial operators.
Cutting height of 1" to 5" Provides a good range of cutting heights in 1/4" increments for any type of turf grass.
Outside drive tire stance ZT360=52", ZT372=56". Provides excellent stability over uneven and hilly ground along with good maneuverability.
High ground speed Forward 12 mph and reverse 6 mph for high productivity.
Adjustable steering levers with comfort grip handles Wide range of adjustments to accommodate almost any size of operator. Grips are designed for operator comfort and sustained productivity.
Spring suspension seat platform Helps smooth out the ride.
Strong deck design New manufactured deck design has a great appearance on the outside, but tough parts on the inside. 3/16" Deck with 1/4" doubler plate, and a reinforced front edge.
Rapid deck height adjustment The foot operated with spring assist deck lift and deck stop locator make for quick and easy precise cutting height adjustments.
Easy clean-out deck top Deck allows air & debris to move across the top for improved belt cooling & easy clean out.
Snap-on deck belt guards Deck belt guards can be hand removed easily without tools.
Excellent trim capability Provides for good trim capability.
Mid-mount deck design Puts deck closer to the operator's line of sight for more efficient and precise operation.
Floating deck design Chain suspension design provides excellent flotation over uneven terrain.
Four anti-scalp rollers Two located on deck ends and two located toward mid-deck keeps scalping to a minimum.
Completely independent twin hydrostatic drives Separate expansion tanks eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.
Premium wide stance drive tires Provide excellent traction, outstanding side-hill stability and a smooth ride.
Ribbed front tires mounted in heavy duty pivoting caster forks Provide for a quick and reliable turning response.
Tele-Caster® wheel spindles Spring loaded caster wheel spindles for superior shock absorption over rough terrain.
Lockable floating front axle Floating front axle provides for smoother ride and optimal traction capability by keeping all tires equally in contact with the ground over uneven terrain. Locking front axle provides for a more uniform cut and curb or edge cutting without grounding or hanging up the deck.
Electric clutch control Provides an easy smooth engagement of the mower blade drive system.
Kevlar drive belts Drive belts made with KevlarTM fiber provide long belt life. One hydrostatic pump drive belt and one deck drive belt.
1" blade spindles mounted in ductile iron housings Additional 3/16" plate steel is added to the deck connecting the blade spindle housing mounts. Blade spindles, spindle housings and mounts are designed to handle heavy shock loads.
Accessible blade spindle zerks Makes greasing the blade spindles easy.
Heavy duty heat treated Fusion® high lift blades Made from highest quality .25" thick fusion treated steel for high wear and increase blade life. High lift design stands grass up before cutting.
High blade tip speed Provides a clean quality cut. See specifications for actual speeds.
Battery located under the seat Easy access to battery for servicing and maintaining.
Kawasaki engine Proven engine to meet customer preferences with power and performance to spare.
Electric start with choke control Keyed ignition and manual choke control are placed for one-handed starting convenience.
Engine oriented for easy access Spark plugs, air filter, oil filter, & oil drain are placed easily within reach.
Center Mounted Rear Engine Provides maximum mower stability, easy service access, increased leg room, and increased air flow around engine fins to extend engine life.
Remote Air Intake All engines come standard with cyclonic type remote air intake to keep engines running clean and running longer.
Engine oil cooler Keeps engine running at peak performance in warm weather conditions.
Isolated exhaust muffler Muffler is hidden and tucked down under to reduce noise and provide protection against burns.
Ergonomically designed control console Instrumentation and console controls are positioned for easy visual or fingertip access.
Hour meter Measure actual engine run time to monitor service intervals.
Sleek styling EPA approved twin six gallon fuel tanks with sight gauge, extra large tethered fuel caps and vent valve 12 Gallon fuel capacity for plenty of operating range and decreased downtime. Extra large fuel openings for easy fueling. Fuel caps are EPA approved, non vented, placed inboard and center mounted to protect caps from damage and prevent overflow spills on inclines. EPA vent valve helps stop fuel leaks in rollover accidents and sight gauge makes it easy to see low fuel level in tanks.
Fuel tanks are vented to the engine carburetor Engine burns fuel vapors instead of vapors leaking into the atmosphere.
Fuel selector/shutoff valve Provides on-the-go switching from one tank to another giving the operator time to finish the mowing job and to return to the refueling source before the mower stops running. Both tanks can be shutoff with this valve for servicing and storage.
Molded-in dual cup holders and storage compartments Tanks are molded with cup holders that fit a wide variety of cups and are in easy access to the driver. A storage compartment molded next to the cups offer additional operator convenience.
Lever activated park brake A manually activated over-center park brake lever located next to the operator's left side for easy activation and release of internal wet disk brakes. Mower will not move until brake is released.
Hinged seat platform Tilts up for easy access to battery and drive components.
Comfortable adjustable seat Deluxe Cushion or Molded Vinyl with suspension and adjustable positioning for operator comfort and sustained productivity.
Seat safety interlocks Rising off of the seat with blades engaged will cut engine power and stop blade rotation. Engine cannot be started with blade engagement switch in "on" position.
Hinged floor pan Provides quick and convenient service access to topside deck components without tools.
Certified ROPS Certified ROPS for added operator protection.
  • 27 HP
  • 72" Width
  • Dual hydrostatic drive system
  • Air cooled, commercial air filter
  • Telecaster® Front fork suspension
  • Certified ROPS for added operator protection
  • Lockable floating front axle