Land Pride SBR Series Seed Bed Rollers Dirtworking Model SBR72 for sale at Alanson, Williamsburg, Hillman, Michigan. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alanson, Williamsburg, and Hillman, MI.

Model SBR72

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Land Pride's SBR72 Seed Bed Rollers will break up smaller clumps and dirt clods, while pressing applied seed into firm contact with the soil profile for greatly improved germination rates. They are available with a 3-point hitch or pull-type, and are ideal in landscaping, sports field maintenance, pasture maintenance, professional turf care, general seeding and overseeding applications.

The notched profile of the rollers also develops a pattern of uniformly-spaced mini furrows that tend to hold seed and fertilizer in place. These small furrows also retain essential moisture, and resist erosion from the wind and the runoff from applied irrigation or rain. The Seed Bed Roller can also serve as the roller packer attachment of Land Pride’s complimented Seeder/Overseeder system. This system is comprised of a Land Pride Disc Harrow with a rear mounted Spin Spreader and special hitch kit, a trailing 6’ x 4’ DRG06 Drag Harrow, and trailing Pull-type SBR72 Seed Bed Roller. This componentized Seeder/Overseeder system provides one-pass ground cultivation and seed to soil integration for applications on previously tilled soil, existing pasture ground, large grassy areas, reclamation sites, or wild game food plots.
CATEGORY 1 3-POINT HITCH OR PULL-TYPE CONFIGURATIONS Matches customers operational and equipment needs.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT SUPPORT STANDS FOR BOTH THREE-POINT HITCH AND PULL-TYPE MODELS Keeps the hitches up and out of the dirt and ready for easy hook-up.
OPTIONAL PULL-TYPE HITCH ASSEMBLY BOLTS ON AND CONVERTS THE THREE-POINT MODEL TO A PULL-TYPE MODEL Provides low cost dual hitch capability for added value and operational versatility.
INDEXING DUAL CAPABILITY HITCH ON PULL-TYPE CONFIGURATION Insures easy fit and function for 2" ball or pin and clevis type attachment.
LOW MAINTENANCE INDEXING FLIP-OVER HITCH ON PULL-TYPE CONFIGURATION Allows operator’s to switch from transport to working position and back again with ease and keeps costs down.
NOTCHED AND RIBBED PATTERNED GRAY IRON ROLLER Provides for optimal seedbed finish and long durable product life.