Land Pride HRS30 Series Hydraulic Reservoir Systems Dirtworking Model HRS30 for sale at Alanson, Williamsburg, Hillman, Michigan. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alanson, Williamsburg, and Hillman, MI.

Model HRS30

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The Land Pride HRS30 Series Hydraulic Reservoir System is ideal for tractors that aren't equipped with a hydraulic system large enough to operate equipment that requires continuous circulation of hydraulic fluid such as Land Pride’s SA Series Post Hole Diggers, SR Series Power Rakes, SC Series Rotary Cutters and AB Series Angle Brooms. It can also be used to operate draw bar attached equipment, such as a hydraulic-driven rock picker, or remotely located equipment, such as hydraulic-driven log splitters, sawmills, and transfer pumps.

The HRS3025 (3000 psi at 30 GPM) and 35 gallon hydraulic reservoir with oil filter are designed to provide plenty of hydraulic flow for just about any attachment in these operating ranges. The HRS3025 is equipped with an oil cooler to protect against oil overheating in heavy-duty applications.
540 RPM CAT 1 & 2 THREE-POINT MOUNTING Adapted for service on a wide range of tractors.
LOW HORSEPOWER REQUIREMENTS 52 HP requirement for approximately 25 GPM @ 3000 PSI and 540 RPM
35 GALLON SELF CONTAINED RESERVOIR WITH 10 MICRON FILTER Provides more than ample amounts of clean and cool hydraulic fluid for even the most demanding applications.
STEEL CONSTRUCTION ON HYDRAULIC TANK Provides for long service life in harsh environments.
STANDARD REVERSING SOLENOID Allows powered implements, motors, and cylinders to be reversed for expanded range of performance capabilities.
STANDARD PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE Protects hydraulic system from overloads or unanticipated stalls.
STANDARD CASE DRAIN PORT Enables attachment and usage with implements equipped with and requiring case drain return lines.
STANDARD COMPLIMENT OF HYDRAULIC FITTINGS & TWO 23’-9"OF HYDRAULIC HOSES SUPPLIED Enables ready attachment and adaptation to a wide range of tractors and applications.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ELECTRONIC REMOTE TETHER CONTROL Enables forward and reverse continuous flow or intermittent forward or reverse flow from the tractor seat or on the ground.
DRIVELINE CONNECTED Easy hook-up to rear PTO tractor shaft.
OIL COOLER IS STANDARD For oil cooling when necessary. Included with hand valve & solenoid valve options. Optional with no valve option.
INTEGRAL STORAGE STANDS Provides for easy installation and removal from the tractor and clean and convenient long term storage.