Land Pride BB35 Series Box Scrapers Dirtworking Model BB3578 for sale at Alanson, Williamsburg, Hillman, Michigan. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alanson, Williamsburg, and Hillman, MI.

Model BB3578

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Land Pride is pleased to introduce the BB35 Series Box Blade – a heavier 3-point Box Blade to complement our popular line of Box Blades offered by Land Pride.

The beefy 3/8" x 4" x 4" main-frame tube and 3/8" end panels makes our 35 Series Fixed Bar Box Scraper ideal for construction sites and commercial operations or for use by counties and municipalities. Two welded channel braces extend from front to rear of the box plus welded gussets between the side panels and 23" roll-formed moldboard provide exceptional strength under heavy loads. The durable BB35 is comfortable dragging or back-filling.

The BB35 features front- and rear-facing cutting edges. The high carbon, heat-treated cutting edges are ½" x 6" and are reversible and replaceable. The 4-position shanks are made from heat-treated spring steel and have dimpled-on tips. The shank opening in the frame tube is reinforced for superior strength.
Features Benefits
3/8" Heavy side panels Built heavy to handle the tough jobs.
Square tubing shank support Many competitors use angle iron. Box tubing is stronger.
Clevis-type lower 3-point hitch Much stronger than pin type hitch.
4 Position heat treated spring steel shanks Offers flexibility for deep to shallow settings and heat-treated for longevity.
78", 84", & 96" Optional widths Available in different widths to meet customer needs.
45 to 110 HP range Fits a wide variety of tractors.
Formed moldboard Formed moldboard keeps materials flowing which puts less drag on the Box Scraper, resulting in lower HP requirements and faster working conditions.
23" Moldboard height High material capacity.
Moldboard Heavy moldboard with precise roll holds its shape under heavy loads.
Heat-treated dimpled-on tips Easy to replace tips that are heat-treated for toughness.
Heat-treated, reversible, and replaceable cutting blades Heat-treated for hardness. Reversible so both edges can be used before replacing the cutting blades.
Rear backfill blade Rear backfill blade allows for backfilling trenches or foundations.
Warranty One year parts & labor.
Category I & II 3-point hitch with Quick Hitch capability Fits a wide variety of tractors.Quick Hitch capability allows for easy hook-up.
Heavy 4" x 4" x 3/8" shank beam with 1/2" x 1/2" reinforced shank holes Reinforcement behind shanks where maximum pressure is applied adds additional strength to the shank tube.
Strong box reinforcement Two welded channel braces extending from shank beam to rear of box plus four welded gussets between the side panels, moldboard, and shank beam provide exceptional strength for keeping the Box Scraper square under heavy loads.