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Mower Group

Mow your lawn and mow it well with Kubota's revolutionary and innovative residential and commercial mowers. Our T-series has all the features a homeowner needs. Equipped with a host of features such as an innovative design, hydrostatic transmission, deep mower deck make it ideal for residential mowing. The GR-Series is advanced and engineered with the revolutionary "Glide Steer" for perfect precise cuts while doing sharp turns. It has unique features such as snowblower attachments, etc. The F-Series is perfect for larger landscapes like commercial areas. High horsepower and greater economic and cleaner performance make it ideal to complete larger tasks. And finally the Z-Series offers greater maneuverability and designed to do jobs only a zero turn mower can do. It is combined with a high-output gas or diesel engine with innovative features to perform tasks for commercial or residential areas. The results are flawlessly cut lawns time and again. Ginop Sales is Michigan's UP/Upper Peninsula Kubota dealer for all your lawn care needs.