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Hay Tool Group

Our hay tools by Kubota and New Holland are built to perform harvesting tasks and collect hay for feeding. Keep your crops conditioned and maintained per season.

Prepare for feeding and harvesting with our economical hay tool equipment. 

Our set of hay tools by Kubota helps you clear out tall grass, prepare perfect seedbeds or leveling your soil before planting, and collect hay. The DM Series DIsc Mowers can range from 5'6" to 13'1", giving you an option to work on big or small lands. Our range of disc mowers is durable with lightweight features, reducing the work force on you.

We also carry the innovative Baler tools by New Holland. The BigBaler 340 Plus can form and bind bales with increased density. The industry-leading pre-compression chambers can create ideal flake formation and its three-way density systems create well-formed bales. Our Balers are built to handle capacity with great maneuverability.